Roles and Responsibilities – Pont-y-pwl & District Runners

Roles and Responsibilities

Pontypool & District Runners

The Club Committee Rolesand Responsibilities

The Committee has responsibility to manage the Club on behalf of the members. The Committee should: 

  • Conduct long-term planning of activities so that the aims and objectives of the club are fulfilled; 
  • Develop policy and procedures; 
  • Manage external relations and advocacy issues; 
  • Obtain resources and ensure that all financial and legal matters are properly managed; 
  • Carry out the recommendations of members; 
  • Regularly communicate with, and provide information to members about the running the Club; 
  • Ensure that all members of the committee act as leadership role models. 

The Committee should: 

Plan – examine the alternatives for action and decide on appropriate directions according to the purpose, philosophy, culture and budget of the organization. Determine relevant policies to guide the implementation of organizational plans.  Organise – ensure that plans are implemented, achievable objectives are agreed to, suitable strategies are designed to ensure satisfactory progress, and operational stages are implemented and evaluated. Ensure that resources (people, equipment, money etc) needed for these to be achieved are provided. 

Lead – Be enthusiastic and work from an informed and well-researched knowledge base which includes a subcommittee or working group structure, clear and concise reports and wide representation of stakeholder opinions. Regularly communicate both the vision and the detail to members and other relevant stakeholders. 

Control – Be responsible for defining expectations and requirements and taking appropriate action to ensure that the outcomes are achieved. 

The Committee should operate as a team, draw on the skills and talents of each member, and work toward common goals that will ensure the Club’s success. It is important to clarify the types of skills that may be requires in a Committee in order to identify potential. Committee members should recognize gaps in skills and competencies that may require further development and training. 

All Committee Members should have: 

  • A commitment to the overall aims of the Club; 
  • Sufficient time to devote to the committee; 
  • An understanding of the roles of the committee; 
  • Enthusiasm and an interest in people and sport; 
  • Leadership skills and willingness to accept responsibility; 
  • Tact, judgment, discretion and listening skills; 
  • Vision; 
  • Dedication; and 
  • Good communication skills. 

As stated in our Club constitution, the Officers of the Club will be at least: 

  • Chairman 
  • Vice chairman
  • Secretary / Registration Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Captains 
  • Kit secretary
  • Social secretary
  • Media/website officer
  • Grants secretary
  • Development officer

Club Chair

In addition to the duties and responsibilities that all committee members have when joining a committee, the role of a chair has other specific requirements. These requirements are focused around the need to ensure that the committee acts as a team and that the business of the meetings is conducted effectively. 

  • To chair management committee meetings ensuring that they are properly conducted, that everyone is involved in discussion or decision making and that the committee has all relevant information for making decisions. 
  • To ensure that agendas are set, and meetings called in line with the constitution in liaison with the secretary. 
  • To ensure that all decisions taken are acted upon. 
  • To liaise with the committee members and to provide support as required. 
  • To represent the Club externally. 
  • To take chairs action when agreed and in line with the constitution. 
  • To manage and supervise the other members of the Club. 
  • To sit on panel’s e.g. disciplinary panels, recruitment panels as required.  
  • To lead the committee, ensuring that members are recruited, inducted and receive appropriate training and to ensure that the committee operates as a team. 
  • To take an active part in resolving conflict within the committee bearing in mind the best interests of the club and its beneficiaries. 
  • To apply for club event licences or ensure that an appropriately trained member undertakes on behalf of the committee
  • To register events and club activities with appropriate governing bodies or ensure that an appropriately trained member undertakes on behalf of the committee

Vice Chair

To support the chair of the committee and to attend meetings/chair meetings/action decisions as agreed by the committee at the Chair’s behest.

Club Secretary/ Membership Secretary

The Secretary is the chief administration officer of the organisation. This person provides the coordinating link between members, the management Committee and outside agencies. 

  • To communicate effectively. 
  • To think clearly and positively.
  • To maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.
  • To manage and supervise others (in relation to secretarial duties).  
  • To organise and delegate tasks.
  • To register all members with Welsh Athletics.
  • To ensure the club adheres to the governing body standards of practice.


The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer for the Club. The Treasurer’s tasks include preparing the annual budget, planning for the Club’s financial future, regularly monitoring revenue and expenditure and helping other committee members with financial matters. The job will involve keeping track of the details of all financial transactions of the Club and providing advice to the Committee about major financial decisions. 

  • To ensure that adequate accounts and records exist regarding the Club’s financial transactions. 
  • To coordinate the preparation of budgets for the forthcoming year describing potential sources of income and expenditure. 
  • To issue receipts and promptly deposit all monies received in the Club’s bank account. 
  • To collect and bank the membership/subscription monies. 
  • To be responsible for the Club’s petty cash.  
  • To make all approved payments promptly. 
  • To keep accurate and up to date records of all income and expenditure. 
  • To act as signatory on the Club’s bank accounts, cheque books etc (with at least one other Committee member). 
  • To manage the Club’s cash flow.  
  • To prepare and present regular bank account/financial statements etc to the Club Committee. 
  • To be accountable to the Club Committee. 
  • To be always informed of the financial position of the Club. 
  • To prepare financial accounts for annual or more frequent auditing (as required). 
  • To prepare all necessary financial statements and reports for inclusion in the annual report and present the same as necessary at the Club AGM. 
  • To look for the most effective ways to use available funds (financial planning and management). 
  • To manage grants and submit the necessary financial statements. 

Captains/Vice captains (Men’s /Ladies)  

As captains, you play a crucial role in the success of the team. It’s up to you to pull together the best team possible and to get the most out of them at competition. You’ll be a figure of respect and inspiration to your team and more athletes will join as a result of the club’s success. Remember it’s not always about the athletes winning – sometimes it’s about them doing their best or even improving on their personal best. The best team managers make all competitions fun and exciting and ensure good team morale, this approach leads to long term success by retaining and developing athletes for longer. 

Main Duties  

  • Make sure all your team are affiliated members of your club and Welsh Athletics (liaise with secretary).
  • Send out fixture lists in advance of the season and pick the key fixtures to focus on including developing the championship race fixtures for the year.
  • Develop a good relationship with your athletes and their coaches.
  • Check all athletes have the correct kit and equipment.
  • Prepare reports on the progress and successes of the team and its members for the press or website (liaise with media/website officer).
  • Recommend athletes for recognition and awards. 
  • Find out what works to motivate your team. 
  • Build a critical mass of athletes for your team. 

Kit Officer  

  • To research suitable suppliers 
  • To take kit orders 
  • To manage budgets for kit and collect payments for kit ordered 
  • To keep good accounts of payments made and payments collected for the Treasurer 

Social Secretary

  • To identify opportunities for a social event 
  • To research possible venues and manage bookings for social events 
  • To monitor and provide information on costs and set and manage budgets 
  • To actively encourage participation by all the members for social events 
  • To survey and respond to the members suggestions for social events

Media/website officer

  • Raise the profile of the club in the community and in the county
  • Talk to / build a relationship with the local media
  • Secure a budget for the club’s marketing/promotional activities, in association with the Treasurer
  • Ensure the club website and social media feeds provides up to date and with relevant information
  • Report on club events and coordinate the compiling of match reports

Grant officer

  • Identify sources of funding in association with the club’s development plan
  • Talk to / build a relationship with local businesses and funding providers
  • Develop sponsorship proposals
  • Organise innovative fundraising activities to generate income
  • Explore grant opportunities and complete application forms, together with members of the Club Committee including the Chairperson
  • Liaise with Media/website Officer to ensure that any news of grants, sponsorship or fundraising efforts are well publicised

Development officer

This role would work at the behest of the committee and with relevant members of the committee/coaching team to develop the club. This would look at innovative ideas to promote the running club to the wider community but in line with local and national guidance (RunBritain/Welsh Athletics/Sports Development – to name a few). All ideas would be taken to committee meetings for consultation and taken to the full membership at the AGM or in written communication as deemed necessary by the committee. A strong links with the Grant officer and the media/website officer would be needed to ensure streamlined approach to obtaining funds and also advertising.

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