This weeks training 12/02/2021

Hi everyone! This week we have 5mile time trials for both the virtual GLCL and WA Road Relays, so the training will be a tuneup session.I wouldn’t leave this until the day before you have a crack at your 5miles, do it at least 2 days out from your effort.The session:- 5-10mins jog- 15mins tempo effort – 5mins easy- 2x 2mins hard / 1min jog- 3x 1min hard / 1min jog- 10mins cool down The tempo effort should be slower than your 5mile pace, the 2min efforts close to 5mile pace and the 1min efforts faster than 5mile pace.It would be worth programming it into your watch or writing the session on your hand.Enjoy and good luck with your time trials!

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